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Trump Supporter Admits Trump Is Screwing Over America, Says She Still Supports Him: Watch

Karen Speziale, who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, spoke with MSNBC on Wednesday over the Republican tax reform.

The Trump voter told the network that she believes Trump’s tax returns will show that the president doesn’t pay taxes at the expense of the rest of America, but that she still supports him.

“I believe he isn’t showing his income tax returns because he didn’t pay anything, and we are paying in money,” she said. “He’s paying nothing when he’s making billions or wherever he’s at. So maybe he doesn’t understand.”

Speziale also admitted that she had received fewer tax refunds this year than in years past.

“My refund was about half of what it normally is,” Speziale said. “It used to be like $4000, And then I got about $2,000.”

“I got less money because I was getting more back in my paycheck but that is not a tax break in my opinion,” she told MSNBC’s Jake Ward angrily. “All you did was shift the money from getting your return to getting it in your paycheck.”

“I’m on dialysis, I’m waiting for a transplant, and I actually work full time, but I was planning on paying off some bills,” Speziale went on. “I want to believe he didn’t know that was going to happen to people, that he was hurting the middle class.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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