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Trump Supporter Are Now Having Trouble Finding Love: Trump ‘Has Created A New Deal-Breaker’

People who voted for Donald Trump are now admitting that finding a love life has become nearly impossible, especially those looking for love online.

According to The Sacramento Bee, online dating apps have been finding an increase in profiles that say they don’t want to date anyone who voted for Trump.

“His presidency has created this new deal-breaker,” relationship coach Laurie Davis Edwards tells the Sacramento Bee. “I’ve never seen it like this before, where people say ‘no’ to Trump supporters, or they only want to date other Trump supporters… I have clients all over the country, and people are saying, ‘If you’re a Trump supporter, swipe left.”

One Trump supporter, 22-year-old Alexandra Gonzalez, said that it’s hard for her to show her support for the president “loud and proud,” since she’s also of Mexican heritage.

“It really does suck,” she said. “It’s something that I don’t necessarily say on a first date or even a second date… With such a controversial topic, it’s something that I tend to veer away from.”

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