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Trump Supporter Caught On Camera Threatening To Use His Gun If Trump Is Removed From Office


A Trump supporter was caught on camera outside one of Donald Trump’s rallies this week gloating about his gun and suggesting that he would use it if the president were to be removed from office.

“He’s not going to be removed,” the supporter told CBS News. “He’s not going to be removed! He’s not going to be removed!”

“Do you feel confident in that?” a CBS News reporter asked.

“My .357 Magnum is comfortable with that!” he said. “End of story!”

If that wasn’t a bad enough threat, another supporter of the president said that there would be a “second Civil War” if Trump were removed, while another Trump supporter told the network that there could be “a lot of mad Americans” and “possible violence” if Trump is removed from office.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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