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Trump Supporter Goes Down In Flames After Claiming Stormy Daniels Scandal Doesn’t Matter – Watch:


Trump Supporter Goes Down In Flames After Claiming Stormy Daniels Scandal Doesn’t Matter – Watch:

During a Thursday night panel discussion with CNN’s Erin Burnett and progressive commentator Joan Walsh, Trump-loving Steve Cortes was destroyed after claiming Stormy Daniels scandal doesn’t matter.

Cortes claimed that Daniels was lying because of her previous status of being a porn star.

“Certainly, if the president was aware of a payment made to her to help her silence in the election, that would be a crime and quite significant, I would argue,” Burnett said.

Walsh argued that what Trump supporters believe or want doesn’t matter.

“The law is paramount, Steve. And don’t ride Erin for not paying attention to the South Korea/North Korea breakthrough,” Walsh said. “She just spent 54 minutes on it. If a crime is committed it’s going to matter, whether it matters to Trump voters or not. I am also fascinated by the fact that Jessica Drake shows up here. She can corroborate some of the Stormy Daniels story. Conceivably, can Stormy Daniels or Stephanie Clifford, her real name, can she corroborate Jessica Drake’s claims of President Trump’s unwanted kissing, groping. It’s all very relevant. It’s all getting very interesting, whether Steve wants to see it.”

That’s when Burnett blasted the Trump supporter.

“First, this is an important story, period. Secondly, we spent almost 40 minutes talking about Korea on this show,” Burnett said. “Thirdly, the White House pulled Peter Navarro, who was supposed to come on and give us a 10-minute interview about tariffs. So, perhaps you, if you were working at the White House wouldn’t have made such a poor decision, but that’s what they did. OK? So, let’s just be clear here. They don’t want to talk about the substance of things like tariffs, so they pulled him off the show.”

Cortes tried to switch the subject to talk about the tariffs, but Burnett reminded Cortes that he doesn’t work for the White House and thus he shouldn’t speak for the White House.

“And on the point here about Stormy Daniels, we are learning President Trump is upset with his press secretary, after she acknowledged his involvement in the arbitration with her,” Burnett continued. “Obviously, that is significant too. His press secretary, Steve is, one could argue at this point the most loyal person in the White House to this president. And he’s mad at her about Stormy Daniels.”

Cortes then argued that Trump is a Hollywood celebrity and it shouldn’t matter what he does as a private citizen.

Burnett then pointed out that Trump may have violated the law and thus it makes it part of the public conversation.

“No one cares about Stormy Daniels,” Walsh said. “At least it seems it was a consensual relationship while some women allege he had a non-consensual relationship. So, we’re adults. Don’t care about a porn star. Don’t care about coverups, do care about crime.”

“I don’t care about Stormy Daniels,” Cortes said.

“That’s the person who received $130,000 from the president’s personal attorney days before the election,” Burnett explained.

“I don’t care what a porn star who has been shown already incredibly on the public record to be a liar several times. I really don’t care what she says,” Cortes shot back.

“First of all, I’m not talking about what she says, and I’m not going to say which of them is more credible,” Burnett said. “I’m simply going to say she got $130,000 from Michael Cohen. Who cares about what she says? The point is, if that was a payoff, from a presidential election, it can be a violation of federal election crime. You either think that’s a story or you don’t.”

Take a look at the argument in the video clip below:

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