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Immigrant Restaurant Owner Supported Trump During Election, Now Faces Worst Nightmare

Donald Trump loves to gain “followers,” but won’t hesitate to let them down.

Francisco Javier Gonzalez is a Mexican-born Trump supporter who is now facing the risk of deportation under Trump’s harsh immigration policy.

Gonzalez is the owner of the Pizza Al Fresco restaurant in Palm Beach who has been let down by Trump.

Gonzalez had high hopes that Trump would win the election because he thought it would help out his business.

“I knew that 90 percent of my customers wanted him to be the president, and I had a feeling that it was good for us, for the economy, and I thought that people would be happy and spend more money,” Gonzalez recently told The Intercept.

Gonzalez, who is 36 now, has been living in the United States since he was 15 years old. He is married to a U.S. citizen and has three daughters who were born in the country. He also has no criminal records.

“When you cross the border illegally, you don’t think of any of it — you’re just looking for a better life, you want to be at a better place,” Gonzalez told The Intercept. “You don’t think you’re committing a crime.”

Gonzalez has checked in with ICE for years, who granted him a deportation stay in 2016. But with Trump’s new immigration policy, Gonzalez could be looking at a one-way trip back to his home country.

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