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Trump Supporter Sent To Jail After This Video Emerged Of Her Racially Attacking Immigrant

Shalisha Israel, 68, of Spokane Valley, WA has just been charged with three counts of malicious harassment for racially profiling and attacking her neighbor.

The Washington State woman is now in jail and will be held on a $2,500 bond.

Nawar Al Graiti, the victim of Israel’s attack, said that her attacks had been going on for months, but he finally decided to record her and report her to the police.

“First time I avoid her, the second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time. Then I say OK and I told her I am calling the cops next time you talk to me,” Al Graiti told KREM. “I got this kind of situation that really makes me feel bad. Why is she doing that?”

In the video you can see Al Graiti getting harassed with racially motivated comments, such as, “go back to where you belong” and “I think you might be terrorists! This is not your America! You are evil!”

“When deputies arrived on scene, Israel came out from her apartment and started yelling at the family as they were talking to a deputy, according to court documents,” KREM reported. “She also admitted to calling the family terrorists.”

Nawar Al Graiti, is a pre-nursing student who was able to immigrate to America from Iraq after his family helped American troops.

“You don’t need to make a judgement about people because of their skin color or their actions,” Al Graiti concluded. “All the people should live in peace without a problem.”

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