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Trump Supporter Terrorizes California Town, Commits Horrible Hate Crime


Trump Supporter Terrorizes California Town, Commits Horrible Hate Crime

Since Donald Trump’s election, a wave of hate crimes has been sweeping across America. The latest incident took place at a bus stop in Oakley, California, where a known Trump supporter and unapologetic white supremacist fatally stabbed an African-American man following a heated political argument.

Thirty-eight-year-old Phillip Wade stabbed 57-year-old Anthony Johnson repeatedly in the midst of a heated discussion about politics, according to the East Bay Times. The discussion began on the Tri Delta Transit bus, and continued after the two men got off the bus at the Main Street stop.

Following the stabbing, a bystander pulled a gun on Wade, ordering him to lie on the ground until Oakley police arrived, the report says.

Johnson was transported to a hospital to be treated for multiple stab wounds, but ultimately did not survive. Those who knew him say that Johnson was well-liked, non-violent, and loved people.

In his Facebook profile, Wade hosts several hostile posts directed at former President Barack Obama, with one accusing him of “bringing the tweakers and fags to this country just to continue liberalism.”

Trump’s failure to sincerely condemn this kind of violent behavior towards African-Americans, Muslims, and Latinos has baffled civil rights advocates. Instead of taking steps to bring people together, the Trump administration seems to be working hard to keep people divided.

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