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Trump Supporter Shows Up At Texas High School Shooting Scene With a Gun And Giant Flag — VIDEO

A Trump fan is facing fierce criticism after he brought his open-carry pistol and a giant American flag to the scene of a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas that resulted in the reported deaths of multiple students.

When asked what his first thought was upon hearing about the active shooter at Santa Fe High School, the unnamed MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporter said he first thought he needed to “get to the school and make America great again.”

He told a reporter from Houston’s KHOU that he was there “offering support,” and that a “god bless y’all will go a long way right now.”

As the video below shows, the man had a gun holstered on his belt — a fact that enraged another resident interviewed by the news station.

“This idiot is walking down the street with a damn pistol on his side where we just had kids get shot,” the other man said. “I’m a gun rights person, I have guns. But this idiot is walking down here and saying that he needs to make America great again. That’s not what America needs.”

“We don’t need this crap,” the man continued.


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