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Trump Supporter Threatens Driver At Gun Point For Calling Conservatives ‘Stupid’


Trump Supporter Threatens Driver At Gun Point For Calling Conservatives ‘Stupid’

On Friday a Missouri conservative admitted that he pointed a gun at another driver after seeing a political sticker on her car that called Trump supporters “stupid.”

According to the Christian County Headliner, Edward Burns was charged with unlawful use of a Weapon in the incident that took place on August 24.

According to the police report, the 48-year-old Trump supporter exchanged insults with Democratic activist Laura Umphenour until Burns pointed a handgun at her and told the woman to back off.

Burns admitted to police that he pointed a Smith & Wesson .380 handgun at the woman because he thought her political views were “stupid,” and he became angry when she extended her middle finger at him.

“During his confession he noted several political decals, which expressed a different political view than his own, on the rear of (the) van, which he thought were stupid,” police said in their report. “Edward indicated at no time was he ‘scared’ of (the victim) and indicated he only displayed the gun in an attempt to stop the road rage incident. Edward said he wanted (the victim) to know not to mess with him.”

According to the report, Umphenour plans to file a civil suit against Burns.

“Our differences should bind us, not divide us,” said her attorney, David Ransin. “And you shouldn’t go ballistic over bumper stickers.”

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