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Trump Supporter Yells ‘F–K You!’ At 9-Year-Old Girl For Holding Up A ‘Do Something’ Sign At Gun Violence Vigil

Americans have been taking to the streets this week in response to this past weekend’s mass shootings to beg leaders to “do something” to keep innocent people alive.

During a vigil in Iowa, a 9-year-old girl was harassed by a Donald Trump supporter who yelled profanities at her for demanding lawmakers to do something to stop mass shootings.

Holding a sign reading: “DO SOMETHING,” the girl held vigil in Carroll, Iowa. She was met by a man in a truck, who shouted “f*ck you!” at her.

How messed up are we that a man gets angry at a 9-year-old girl for wanting stricter gun laws to keep our country safe? What have we become?

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