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Trump Supporters’ Favorite Internet Personality Was Just Revealed To Be A Russian Troll

It seems that the Twitter page the alt-right has been praising has been a Russian troll this whole time. Jenna Abrams’ Twitter account was confirmed by Congressional investigators on Thursday to run out of St. Petersburg, Russia’s infamous troll farm.

The account known as “Abrams,” according to the Daily Beast, was run along with thousands of others, by the Kremlin-funded Internet Research Agency.

Before she became a favorite among the reactionary right-wing set, however, “Abrams’ account built up an image of a straight-talking, no-nonsense, viral-tweet-writing young American woman.”

But after building a following, “she would push divisive views on immigration, segregation and Donald Trump” in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

The Twitter account was loved by the alt-right and conservatives, even InfoWars was publishing the account’s tweets. But besides having just a Twitter account, Abrams also had a personal website, a Gmail account, a Medium account and a GoFundMe page.

Abrams built a big alt-right fanbase when she published an editorial titled “Why do we need to get back to segregation.”

“Humanity has gone full circle,” the Abrams account wrote. “Never mind how many activists of any color died to get rid of segregation, and fought for inclusion, black people want it back. 100 percent free people made their choice, and their choice is segregation.”

Now, that account has proven to be a troll account run by the Russians.

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