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Trump Supporters Openly Sending Death Threats To Jewish Journalists


Trump Supporters Openly Sending Death Threats To Jewish Journalists

As Donald Trump presidential bid continues to implode, the Republican nominee has descended to a new low, claiming the media has “rigged the system” against him. As a result, some of his most ardent supporters have taken a sinister new approach to Trump’s campaign against the national news media.

A Trump supporter posted on Twitter a picture of Politico reporter Hadas Gold with a chilling message: a crudely drawn, bloody bullet wound in her forehead with the caption “Don’t mess with our boy Trump or you will be first in line for the camp.” It was an obvious death threat against.


Michael Karonicolas, of the Centre for Law and Democracy, tweeted the image of the obvious death threat before it eas deleted from the social media network.

The account that posted it — which has since been suspended — put a Star of David with the word “Juden” on it and superimposed it over Gold’s chest. The image is an obvious reference to Nazi Germany, when Jews were forced to wear badges displaying their cultural heritage

The threat to Hadas Gold the latest example of the depravity of the GOP nominee’s diehard supporters.

In May, journalist Julia Ioffe, a Jewish writer who wrote a profile on Melania Trump for GQ magazine, experienced death threats and harassing phone calls from Trump supporters.

Trump has been endorsed by multiple white supremacist leaders, like Stormfront founder Don Black, KKK leader David Duke, and American Nazi Party leader Rocky Suhayda.

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