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Trump Supporters Start Chanting ‘CNN Sucks’ As Trump Goes On A Rant About ‘Fake News’: Watch

Donald Trump has started a war against the media, even if he doesn’t want to take responsibility for it. We’ve seen it in the past when reporters face death threats and most recently when Trump’s own supporter sent a bomb to CNN. But despite the constant threat to media outlets Trump doesn’t like, he still continues to attack them and encourage violence against them.

On Friday, Trump addressed the Young Black Leadership summit when he started ranting about “fake polls” and “fake news.”

As Trump was attacking the media, the crowd started chanting “fake news” and “CNN sucks!”

What’s quite ironic is that Trump’s attack on the media came seconds after he called for unity.

“The bottom line is that Americans must unify. We must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens. There is no country like our country and every day we are showing the world just how truly great we are,” the president said.

Take a look at the video clip HERE

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