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‘You’ll Be Hanging From A Tree, F*cking N*gger’: Trump Supporters Threaten Congressman With ‘Lynching’ For Calling Trump’s Impeachment

During a town hall meeting Saturday, Congressman Al Green (D-Texas) played recordings of threatening voicemail messages left for him after he demanded the impeachment of President Donald Trump on the House floor earlier this week.

The callers used racial slurs and called Green the n-word for his firm position on Trump.

“You’ll be hanging from a tree,” one caller said.

“You ain’t going to impeach nobody,” another caller added. “Try it and we will lynch all of you.”

As reported by The Houston Chronicle, the Houston Democrat became the first member of Congress to call for Trump’s impeachment from the House floor. The congressman said the firing of FBI Director James Comey was one of the reasons.

“We are not going to be intimidated,” Green said Saturday.

“We are not going to allow this to cause us to deviate from what we believe to be the right thing to do and that is to proceed with the impeachment of President Trump.”

Listen to some of the calls U.S. Rep. Al Green received (the screen will remain black)

Do you agree with Congressman Al Green that Trump should be impeached?

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