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Trump Tapes Soon To Be Released By Watergate-Level Producers According To Tom Arnold


Trump Tapes Soon To Be Released By Watergate-Level Producers According To Tom Arnold

Comedian Actor Tom Arnold has gone to Twitter to let the word know that there are audio tapes out there that were recorded during Trump’s The Apprentice years that include accounts of him ‘walking in on naked teens.’

Arnold fist revealed the existence of these tapes last week when he told KIRO Radio’s Dori Morrison about them. He said he has tapes of Trump “saying every racist thing ever.” He also stated that the tapes “will be reviewed soon” and that “smart Watergate level journalists are on top of this.”

By now we have all heard of Trump’s gloat about how he can get away with anything that he does to a woman. The man is sick and that’s the truth. But there seems to be more and Arnold holds more detail in the tapes he claims to possess.


Arnold also stated that the recordings have nothing illegal on them but they are still disgusting none the less. He also claimed to have confronted seven Hollywood executives about releasing the tapes prior to the election.

The tapes are sealed under a $5 million confidentiality agreement. And according to what Arnold told KIRO, the tapes have only been shared internally among executives.

Arnold’s plan is to file a lawsuit against Trump, which will allow the tapes to be available to the public. And if that doesn’t work he assures that there are other ways of releasing the tapes to the public.



This is yet another example on how unfit Donald Trump is to be the President of the United States.

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