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CNN Panel Stunned Trump Thought Being President Would Be “Easier” Than Reality TV


CNN Panel Stunned Trump Thought Being President Would Be “Easier” Than Reality TV

In a shocking yet unsurprising admission, president Donald Trump told Reuters on Thursday that he thought being President “would be easier” than the job he used to have hosting a reality TV show, while seemingly suggesting that he hates his new job.

In an interview with the news agency, Trump reflected on his first 100 days and spoke about how he was finding being President:

“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

A CNN panel on Friday reacted with disbelief that Trump really didn’t comprehend the difficulties of being president, and panelist David Gregory found it “appalling” that Trump thought the presidency would be anything but difficult.

“It is also appalling that he has allowed himself to think, ‘Oh yeah, I could have said all these things and I didn’t know all these things and it is surprising how hard the presidency is,” Gregory said.

Chris Cillizza explained that Trump is so surprised by the difficulties of the job because he had never held any kind of elected office before he became president, which meant that he was completely unprepared to face the challenges of being in the White House.

“He’s never done anything like this before,” Cillizza explained. “Being a reality TV star and being the face of this company he built, as opposed to a day-to-day details manager, is not the same thing.”

Nonetheless, CNN’s Chris Cuomo said the media shouldn’t let Trump off easy for admitting that the presidency is a hard job, as during the campaign he told the country that he alone could fix the the nation’s problems and that it would be “very easy.”

Watch the full panel below.

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