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Trump Threatens Reporters: ‘It’s Not Free Speech’ If They Write ‘Bad Stories’ That Make Me Angry

President Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies were on full display during his disastrous “Social Media Summit” at the White House on Thursday.

Trump took a shot at shredding the First Amendment by telling a room full of right-wing extremists that “it’s not free speech” if reporters write bad stories about him if he doesn’t like or agree with the facts, and then becomes “angry” at it.

“So to me, free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad, to me that’s very dangerous speech, and you become angry at it,” Trump told attendees. “But that’s not free speech.”

“I don’t think that the mainstream media is free speech either, because it’s so crooked, it’s so dishonest.”

And he then lobbed a thinly-veiled threat.

“We’re just not going to allow it to happen like this. We’re not going to be silenced.”

Watch the stunning video below:

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