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Trump Threw a Tantrum On Air Force One After Seeing Melania’s TV Tuned To CNN: Report

President Trump fumed during his recent European tour with first lady Melania Trump after staff members violated his rule and failed to change the TV channel to Fox News aboard Air Force One, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

An internal email obtained by The New York Times said that the president caused “a bit of a stir” on the aircraft because the television was tuned into the network he continuously blasts as “fake news.”

White House staffers had Melania Trump’s TV set to CNN instead of Fox News, the report says.

Trump and his advisers have a rule where each trip starts by tuning into Fox News, The Times reported, citing an email chain between officials in the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency.

The email also revealed that White House officials discussed ordering additional TVs so that the president and the first lady could watch in their separate hotel rooms when traveling, according to The Times.

It is well-known that Trump’s network of choice is Fox News, and he has repeatedly praised their coverage while disparaging other networks, in particular CNN.

At a joint press conference earlier this month with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump refused to take a question from CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, and moved on to Fox News’ John Roberts.

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN,” Trump said. “Let’s go to a real network.”

Earlier Tuesday, while speaking at the VFW national conference, Trump attacked the press as “fake news,” and told audience members not to believe what they see and read in the media about the economy.

“Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” he said. “Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.”

A memo circulated on social media earlier this year claiming that the Food and Drug Administration was ordered to display Fox News on all televisions in one of its units.

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