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Trump Throws a Major Twitter Tantrum, Rants About Comey, The Media, And His ‘Beautiful’ Healthcare Bill


Trump Throws a Major Twitter Tantrum, Rants About Comey, The Media, And His ‘Beautiful’ Healthcare Bill

After being ridiculed and forced to back off from his proposed U.S.-Russia cyber security unit, President Trump resumed his usual work routine with some fairly standard Tweets: accusing people of crimes, making false promises and making excuses for mistakes he recently made.

Trump must have been feeling defensive today after he read the reactions to his “impenetrable” fortress of cyber security to be developed with the very people who managed to hack the electoral system, to begin with. It was an idea so ludicrous that Twitter practically exploded with laughter.

So the President decided to aim his anger at his favorite targets: James Comey, Obamacare, and the mainstream media.

Reports have surfaced that Comey’s memos involve conversations with the President that include top secret information. Comey allegedly shared his memos with a friend, who he asked to share the document.

Next, the President Tweeted about healthcare.

The President’s weak attempt to instill a modicum of confidence in Congress’ ability to formulate a “beautiful new Healthcare bill” convinces nobody.

Trump’s Obamacare replacement has been fraught with difficulties since the beginning. Republicans have been trying to hide the fact that over 20 million Americans will lose coverage if the bill is passed. Indeed, it will be a disaster if implemented.

Finally, Trump went after the media while attempting to justify his decision to put Ivanka in his place at the G20.

The world was baffled when images emerged of Ivanka Trump, an unelected, underqualified socialite, taking the seat of the President at the G20 conference. It was shocking and amusing at the same time. Shocking because of the blatant display of nepotism, and amusing because it reminded many commentators of Ivanka’s recent comments during an interview, where she claimed she tries to “stay out of politics.”

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