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Trump Tried To Force Defense Secretary James Mattis To Defend Him On ‘Fox & Friends’ But Got Denied

Secretary of Defense James Mattis decided to decline President Trump’s request to appear of “Fox & Friends” and defend him.

According to The New York Times, “people close to Mr. Mattis said that he distinguished between requests from Mr. Trump himself and those from administration aides, who have called the Pentagon weekly suggesting that he go on “Fox & Friends,” the Fox News morning show that is supportive of Mr. Trump, for instance, but to no avail.”

Mattis is one of the few people in the Trump administration that is there to do their job, not lie and praise the president. But as history shows, anyone in the Trump administration that doesn’t praise the president is at risk of losing their job. Some examples include, Sally Yates and James Comey.

On Monday Trump held a meeting with members of his cabinet, calling on each one of them to speak out and say something good about the presidency. The meeting was nationally televised.

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