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Trump Tries To Take Credit For Jobs Report, Twitter Sets Him Straight In Brutal Fashion


Trump Tries To Take Credit For Jobs Report, Twitter Sets Him Straight In Brutal Fashion

Friday’s jobs report was just too much for the tweeter-in-chief to resist bragging about on Twitter. President Donald Trump was so excited by the good news that he jumped the gun to tweet about it, violating a federal rule that requires an hour between when a report is released, and when federal officials can comment on the numbers.

A federal rule that dates back to 1985 states that “except for members of the staff of the agency issuing the principal economic indicator … employees of the Executive Branch shall not comment publicly on the data until at least one hour after the official release time.”

“Excellent Jobs Numbers just released – and I have only just begun. Many job stifling regulations continue to fall. Movement back to USA!” he tweeted at 8:45 a.m., 15 minutes after the report.

Trump loves to brag about jobs and the economy, but when he inherited the presidency the country was already in a good economic state.

Obama took office in the midst of an economic recession, so much of his S&P 500 increase was a rebound from the depths. Trump, on the other hand, inherited an already-growing market that has accelerated since his inauguration.

Trump hasn’t done much for the economy. The numbers were already growing at a rapid rate thanks to his predecessor.

Not surprising, Twitter users were quick to put credit where it belongs: Former president Barack Obama.

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