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Trump Tweets Bizarre Video Of Jerry Nadler And Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Donald Trump melts down

President Donald Trump is known for sharing idiotic things on Twitter. But Trump appeared to have short-circuited and finally managed to out trumped himself over the weekend.

It happened just midnight. Trump tweeted a twenty-second video which zoomed in on Rep. Jerry Nadler while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was addressing reporters, and ended with a cutaway to Trump insisting that the Democrats had nothing on him. And everyone is scratching their heads.

It was as strange as it was incoherent as it was stupid. Then he went fully off the cliff, tweeting one increasingly depraved thing after another.

Trump went on and on about how much he hated Congressman Elijah Cummings. He kept hurling racist stereotypes and thinly veiled Nazi language at the city of Baltimore. He repeatedly attacked Robert Mueller. At no point did Trump come close to a rational thought.

As the day went on, Trump just kept ramping up his absurd behavior, like a psychologically unstable employee who just figured out he’s eventually going to get fired, and has decided to let go of what little effort he had been making at behaving himself.

Trump’s maniac tirade comes 48 hours after the House Judiciary Committee announced that it has opened an impeachment inquiry.

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