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Trump Uses More Taxpayer Money To Go Golfing A Day After London Attack, Tries To Hide It From Media

Donald Trump was spotted with golf clubs on Sunday, when the White House was asked about it they denied that Trump was playing golf just a day after the London Bridge terror attack.
According to the White House Press Pool report given to PoliticusUSA:

“Motorcade pulled into the Trump National Golf Club at 930 a.m. sharp. Press split off just after entering the club and pool is now holding in the clubhouse. I did not see the president upon arrival. I’ve asked whether the president is playing golf, taking calls or what, and will report back if the question is answered.”

Four hours later, “After a nearly four-and-a-half-hour hold with no sign of President Trump, the motorcade is now rolling from Trump National Golf Club at 1:51 pm. No information received in response to questions about the president’s activities while at the club.”

But it was later confirmed that Trump was in fact golfing after the White House press pooler spotted golf clubs.

“The motorcade pulled onto the White House grounds at 2:28 pm following an uneventful trip from Sterling, Va., during which we stopped for lights on the non-highway portions of the journey. We did not see the president and could not make out others on arrival but did see golf clubs being carried away from the motorcade.”

Trump is a huge hypocrite, golfing after a terror attack? Does he not remember this tweet from 2014?

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