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Trump Voters Confess To CNN They Had Enough Of Him: ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Showed ‘Lack Of Morals’

Donald Trump is losing his popularity among his own base quickly and the latest scandal with his “shithole” comments about Haiti and all African nations have driven some of his voters away.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman went on a quest to ask Trump supporters from Anniston, AL in rural Calhoun County how they felt about the president’s comments.

Bob Hollingsworth, who has supported Trump since the campaign, said that the president “could have done better” with his choice of words. He added that the comments he made were “not presidential.”

“He should have been more professional about it,” said Rodney Purser. “He shouldn’t have used that word.”

“I think that it was unprofessional and that it would show a little bit of lack of morals?” said Tracy Wright, who voted for Trump back in 2016.

Take a look at the video footage below:

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