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Trump Voters’ Ignorance Leaves CNN’s News Anchor Speechless — WATCH


Trump Voters’ Ignorance Leaves CNN’s News Anchor Speechless — WATCH

Donald Trump has been in office for less than three months. But, by any metric, his administration has been among the most dishonest and turbulent in American presidential history. On Wednesday night, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota attempted to find out if Trump voters would agree. Her focus group left her positively dumbstruck.

“Health care, some people put in the ‘loss’ column; the travel ban is not yet in effect; the budget has not gotten a hearty agreement; he said he’d get rid of DACA right away; he said he’d get rid of the Iran Nuclear Deal; the wall hasn’t been built; he hasn’t defeated ISIS in 30 days,” she rattled off. “How long realistically would you give him to accomplish some of those things?”

Of course, they offered no time frame.

Camerota also discovered that the panel still believed Trump’s claims of voter fraud, despite his failing to proof a shred of evidence.

“He got elected, and we don’t know, as far as the votes and fraud and everything else,” said guest Billy Bae.

“Whether they’re illegal, meaning they came into the country illegally, or they’re illegal voters — they came over from Massachusetts into New Hampshire,” Baer told her.

“Who cares, though?” asked Josh Youssef, another guest.

“I care,” Camerota said. “Just to be clear,” she pressed Baer, “You saw it with your own eyes, busloads and busloads of people coming from somewhere other than New Hampshire to vote. You saw that?”

Watch their response to that question:

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