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Trump Wants To Keep His Meetings At The WH Secret, But Signed Away Your Online Privacy

donald trump visitor logs

Earlier this month, president Donald Trump signed a bill that rolls back rules protecting online privacy. And to insult to injury, Trump declared last week that he will keep the White House visitor logs private. Yep. Trump wants privacy in the White House, but doesn’t want you to have privacy in your own house.

Citing “privacy concerns of visitors,” the Trump administration said Friday it will not release logs of White House visitors, breaking with a precedent set by the Obama administration and shrouding Trump’s activities in the West Wing in secrecy.

While protecting his “secret buddies” from the public, Trump signed into law a resolution that repealed protections requiring Internet service providers to get your permission before collecting and sharing data. These protections were approved by the Federal Communications Commission during the Obama administration.

“President Trump and Congress have appropriately invalidated one part of the Obama-era plan for regulating the Internet,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed by Trump, said in a statement.

Democrats and privacy advocates have argued this approach effectively hands over the customer’s personal information to the highest bidder while leaving large Internet companies free to collect user data without asking permission.

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