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Trump Wants To Start a War And Tillerson In The Way, So The WH Just Humiliated Him

In another sign Rex Tillerson is on his way out in the Trump administration, a White House official sharply rebuked the Secretary of State on Thursday, telling The Washington Post that Tillerson “no longer speaks for the administration.”

“I think our allies know at this point he’s not really speaking for the administration,” the official told the newspaper during an interview on Thursday. The same person described Tillerson as “irrelevant” due to the influence of other diplomats and Cabinet secretaries.

Receiving specific attention is Tillerson’s remained willingness to engage North Korean officials in conversation. According to a second senior White House official, Tillerson is in the way of President Trump, who is itching for a war with Kim Jong Un.

Tillerson “had not learned his lesson from the last time,” the official said.

Tillerson has been the subject of months of speculation about his future in the administration, and his relationship with Trump has been the subject of months of news coverage.

In October, NBC News published a report claiming that Tillerson called Trump a “moron” and a “f-cking idiot” in comments after a meeting at the Pentagon.

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