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Trump Asks ‘Smart’ Voters Why Would They Vote For Democrats. The Responses Are Brutal


Trump Asks ‘Smart’ Voters Why Would They Vote For Democrats. The Responses Are Brutal

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, President Donald Trump suggested that if Democrats could take control of Congress they will “totally kill” the “great wealth” that his administration has created during its first year.

“Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election. People are much better off now not to mention ISIS, VA, Judges, Strong Border, 2nd A, Tax Cuts & more?” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The president seemed to be responding to reports that Democrats have a decent chance to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

Recent polls show a sizable advantage for Democrats in 2018 midterm election, opening up a double-digit lead on the generic ballot. Democrats’ advantage stands at 10 percentage points, 44 percent to 34 percent — the party’s largest lead of the year, a sign that a blue tsunami is coming.

Trump’s tweet also suggests that he deserves credit for something that is largely beyond his control. The only fiscal legislation Trump has proposed is a massive tax cut for corporations that was approved by his Republican allies Congress just two weeks ago. So it’s a bit of a stretch for him to take credit for any changes in the economy before the controversial tax bill passed.

In contrast, President Obama’s first month in office in 2009 was largely taken up with spending bills aimed at easing the massive recession that he had inherited.

Trump inherited an economy with low inflation, low unemployment, and a booming stock market.

As The Washington Post recently noted, Trump hasn’t done much for the economy. The numbers were already growing at a rapid rate thanks to his predecessor and “the Dow actually did better” during President Barack Obama’s first year in office than it has done under Trump.

Not surprising, Twitter users were quick to respond, and it wasn’t pretty.

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