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Trump Welcomed The President Of Panama By Making A Complete Fool Of Himself

Leave it to Donald Trump to make a fool of himself in front of other world leaders. On Monday Trump hosted Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela and took his time to gloat about the U.S. doing a “good job” building the Panama Canal.

“The Panama Canal is doing quite well, I think we did a good job building it — a very good job,” Trump during a brief introduction in the Oval Office.

The Panama Canal was built in 1914, more than 100 years ago. Panama gained control of the canal in 1999.

After the horrible introduction, Trump went on to say that his friendship with Varela is “very, very good.”

Varela then said he was looking forward to his meetings with U.S. agencies and officials during his four-day-long stay in Washington D.C.

“The idea of this visit is to work closely together to face the same challenges that we have in the region of Central America and Latin America and in our country,” Varela said.

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