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Trump Will Be Holding A Fundraiser After Struggling To Pay His Transition Team

Donald Trump loves to talk about how much money he has, and how great his business is. Well it seems like Trump is looking for financial help.

Trump had a hard time raising money during his presidential campaign. And now he seems to be struggling. “Mr. Trump held a fundraiser down in New York City a few weeks back and did raise some money, but they have – I would use the word – ‘struggled’ to raise the private funds needed to pay these individuals who are working on behalf of the taxpayers but not being paid by the government,” said Congressman Chris Collins, who has been an advocate for Trump since early in his presidential campaign.

Just like Trump not pay someone for their work. The man that has bragged his whole life about all the money he has, can’t seem to find the funds to pay the people that are basically helping him figure out how to be president.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s chairman and counsel, has planned to hold a private fundraiser this Thursday in Buffalo in an attempt to cover the cost of Trump’s transition team. Conway will speak at a luncheon at the Westin Buffalo hotel. Seats will cost $5,000 each.

Trump is in for a lifestyle change that he does not want. He will lose his multi-billion dollar business and skyscraper penthouse, for a $400,000/year salary and a two-hundred year old house.

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