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Trump’s AG Bill Barr Won’t Send Mueller Report to Congress, Only The White House Will See It: Report

Despite President Donald Trump’s many unprecedented interventions in the law enforcement system while being the target of an investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller made a decision to not take a position on whether his actions constituted obstruction of justice. He instead left the decision to Congress and the Department of Justice. But Congress may never see the report and a decision may never be reached.

Attorney General William Barr may choose to not send to Congress the actual Mueller report – not even a redacted version – but may instead opt to send a “summary” of the Special Counsel’s 22-month investigation, according to The New York Times. The move means Trump will feel entitled to take similar actions in the future.

“Mr. Mueller’s full report has yet to be released, and it remained unclear if it ever would be,” The Times reported on Tuesday. “House Democrats have demanded that it be sent to them by next Tuesday, but the Justice Department outlined a longer schedule, saying that it will have its own summary ready to send to lawmakers within weeks, though not months.”

Barr has never promised to send Congress the full Mueller report, saying he would determine how much he could under the law, which, since he is the Attorney General, means he can determine what that actually means.

Barr has not specified he would or would not substitute a “summary” for the full Mueller report, as the Times notes, but the phrase “within weeks, though not months” echoes almost exactly Barr’s remarks in his letter to Congress this past Sunday.

That letter, experts now say, was more of a PR stunt – whitewashing the Mueller report – than anything else. Some legal experts note that Barr took it upon himself to interject his legal opinion as on Trump’s obstruction of justice, shielding the President.

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