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Trump’s Approval Rating Now At a Record Low, New Poll Shows

After six months in office, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit a record low. In fact, it is the lowest approval rating of any president in the past 70 years, a newly released national poll shows.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released early Sunday, only 36 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing, while 58 percent disagree.

Trump’s approval rating has fallen 6 points since a similar survey 100 days into his presidency, pollsters noted, which was also a historic low.

The latest results follow news that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer offering damaging information about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The same survey shows that almost two-thirds of Americans, 63 percent, consider the meeting inappropriate or borderline “criminal.”

Americans also questioned the president’s fitness to be president. Just 38 percent said he’s making significant progress on his agenda, while 55 percent said he is not.

Trump’s competence on the world stage is also a concern, according to the poll.

Two-thirds of Americans don’t trust him to negotiate with world leaders on America’s behalf, and about half, 48 percent, say the U.S.’s world leadership has become weaker under Trump.

Half of Americans also said they prefer ObamaCare over the Republican plan to replace it, which is supported by 24 percent.

While Trump’s rating continues on a downward spiral, I’m shocked that 36 percent of Americans still believe such incompetent buffoon is doing a good job as president.

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