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Trump’s Cabinet Bible Study Leader Plans To Aggressively Shove Christianity Down The Government’s Throat

Donald Trump picked a “Christian nationalist” to run the Bible study groups for Trump’s cabinet and members of Congress. On Monday, it was reported that Ralph Drollinger wants the government to only hire Christians and is willing to do anything to make that happen.

According to the Right Wing Watch, Drollinger’s Capitol Ministries (the group that leads the executive and legislative Bible studies) are gearing up to “Christianize” state and local government officials.

The RWW reported that Drollinger believes that the government should exclude women and non-Christians. He thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to teach men about the Bible, that Christians in power should only hire fellow Christians and that God only listens to followers of Christ.

Drollinger also thinks that women should be homemakers and mothers and should dress “modestly.”

“When America in any way denigrates God’s ordained Institution of husband and wife Marriage,” Drollinger wrote, “our nation loses one of God’s primary means of heralding His nature to our country!”

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