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Trump’s Child-Like Tantrum Over Border Wall Is About To Cause Chaos At Airports: Report


Trump’s Child-Like Tantrum Over Border Wall Is About To Cause Chaos At Airports: Report

The effects of Donald Trump’s government shutdown – because let’s face it, at the end of the day it is all Trump’s choosing to keep the government shut down over a stupid wall – is starting to show and a new report reveals that airports are starting to panic over the lack of employees.

According to The New York Times, airports are experiencing “turmoil” as more and more workers are calling in sick and even resigning.

“The impact on air travelers has been relatively limited with no significant disruptions. But airport workers and travelers are concerned that conditions will worsen if the impasse continues, throwing travel into turmoil,” the report said.

According to Greg Chin, an airport spokesman that spoke with the Times, people have been calling sick at double the rate and causing supervisors to panic.

“Agents had been calling in sick at double the normal rate this week, leaving their supervisors worried that they will not have enough agents to operate all of the airport’s 11 security checkpoints,” the report stated.

President of the T.S.A. Council of the American Federation of Government Employees, Hydrick Thomas, said that “extreme financial hardship” has caused workers to resign.

The Miami Internation Airport has already announced that they will be closing down one terminal early each day due to the lack of workers.

The shutdown is about to enter its fourth week, making it the longest government shutdown in history.

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