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Trump’s Lies About Deal With North Korea Blow Up In His Face, Now Morning Joe Is Tearing Him Apart

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough slammed President Donald Trump for lying about reaching a nuclear deal with North Korea, saying “obviously that’s not the case,” he said. “It’s not true, it was never true.”

Trump’s empty promises blew up in his face after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared that his country is not bound by any treaty on Nuclear weapons and issued a threat this week that shows Trump’s unconventional diplomacy has failed.

The “Morning Joe” host interviewed Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire to tackled the latest flare-up in U.S. relations:

“Defense Department and State Department aides were watching that closely the last couple days,” said Lemire, “and the unraveling with North Korea. The president has bet big on that, he’s met with Chairman Kim three times. He went to the DMZ and stepped over into North Korea believing an effort to get North Korea to give up their weapons to land him a Nobel Peace prize, and instead, we’re seeing that North Korea’s returned to their tough talk and threatening to deliver a gift in some way to the U.S.”

“Trump said it might be a vase,” he added. “We tend to doubt that, and I think it goes to show you how tense things have gotten again.”

Scarborough agreed that Trump’s failure was entirely predictable, despite his big promises.

“Many other experts … from the very beginning have said that the United States, Donald Trump, would never get denuclearization from Kim or the North Korean people,” Scarborough said, “and the president sent out the tweets after the initial meeting, saying you never have to worry about nuclear weapons or missiles again.”

“He’s, for some strange reason, continued to talk about love letters between Kim and himself,” Scarborough added, “and he’s continued to assure Americans that this one was taken care of, this one was in the bag, check this one off your to-do list of worrying about North Korea.”

“Well, obviously that’s not the case,” he continued. “It’s not true, it was never true. What’s the president’s strategy going forward as it becomes more evident daily that North Korea’s not going to get the economic relief they want and Donald Trump’s not going to get the denuclearization that he guaranteed.”

Lemire agreed, saying the president had actually made the situation worse for himself by making big promises instead of managing expectations.

Watch the video below:

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