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Trump’s ‘Crisis’ Narrative About Border Crime Just Got Debunked By Texas Residents: Watch

Donald Trump continues to push the narrative that there’s a national crisis involving immigration through the southern U.S. border. He said it throughout his campaign and his presidency, that people are bringing “crime.”

But Trump’s claims have now been debunked after CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to pay a visit to McAllen, Texas, a city that sits right at the border between U.S. and Mexico.

Acosta decided to document his experience on Twitter where he shared a few videos.

He first showed the border itself, where he panned from left to right showing that there was no one in sight.

“I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation…at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today,” Acosta said into his cell phone camera.

“There’s no sign of the national emergency the president is talking about,” Acosta said.

Acosta also decided to interview a couple of residents in the area to ask them if they believed there was a national crisis when it came to people trying to cross the border.

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