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Trump Escalates War On The Press, Bans Journalists From D.C. Hotel During Inauguration Week

Following the footsteps of the world’s tyrants, Donald Trump has intensified his war against the press by banning the media from his Washington, D.C. hotel during inauguration week, several news outlets reported Wednesday.

According to the report, a Politico journalist attempted to enter the hotel Wednesday morning for a previously scheduled breakfast meeting but was stopped at the door. He then identified himself as a journalist and was told “media” was not allowed.

“Media is not allowed in this week in respect of the privacy of our guests,” Patricia Tang, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing wrote in an email.

As Politico states, the move could be in violation of the law:

“The hotel’s decision to ban media from property owned by the federal government and from a hotel controlled by the president-elect comes amid a broader debate over media access to the incoming administration. Trump has resisted forming a protective pool around him, instead opting for a “semi-protective pool” that afford the media less access than previous presidents allowed.

Further, D.C. legal code prohibits public places like hotels from denying “the full and equal enjoyment” of its facilities to people based on “source of income,” among other reasons, calling it an “unlawful discriminatory practice.” “Source of income” could reasonably include one’s occupation as a journalist.”

Political Dig reached out to the Trump campaign via email, but they did not reply to a request for comment.

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