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Trump’s DHS Ready To Launch Mass Surveillance On Social Media, Every American At Risk


Trump’s DHS Ready To Launch Mass Surveillance On Social Media, Every American At Risk

It’s no secret that the Trump administration doesn’t care about civil rights issues. But its latest move is not only controversial, it’s beyond terrifying for every American.

According to a report published on Buzzfeed News, the Department of Homeland Security is ready to launch a massive surveillance on social media, targeting pretty much every American.

According to the report, DHS will start to monitor every immigrant and every naturalized citizen, as well as every natural born American who converses with them. It’s the equivalent of putting a digital Star of David armbands on immigrants, their families, and their friends.

“This as part of a larger process of high-tech surveillance of immigrants and more and more people being subjected to social media screening,” Brian Schwartz, of Electronic Frontier Foundation told the publication.

“There’s a growing trend at the Department of Homeland Security to be snooping on the social media of immigrants and foreigners and we think it’s an invasion of privacy and deters freedom of speech.

The chilling new rule was published in the Federal Registry which means this is not just fake news from Buzzfeed, or a Trump tweet that his staff can massage, spin or deny was said.

If you weren’t born here or communicated with anyone who was not born in the US, DHS is coming for your social media activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a citizen or not. Even if you are a natural born citizen, DHS will surveil all your social media activities if you at any time communicate with someone who wasn’t born here.

This brings one question: Will they monitor Melania, her family, her friends and the president himself?

Welcome to Trump’s America.

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