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Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Is Now Under Investigation – Could Face Jail time


Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Is Now Under Investigation – Could Face Jail time

The Trump administration’s fraudulent runaway train is gaining speed towards the cliff of impeachment. One more scandal is threatening another Trump team member after the Oklahoma Bar Association has launched an investigation into an ethics complaint filed against Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt.

The complaint accuses Pruitt of breaching Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct by misrepresenting the facts when he told a Senate committee at his confirmation hearing that he did not use a personal email address to conduct business while attorney general of Oklahoma, reported KSWO-TV.

It seems that lying under oath is the Trump administration’s Modus Operandi. Court documents released through an Open Records Act lawsuit in Oklahoma appear to contradict sworn testimony from Pruitt, the state’s former attorney general.

“It appears that Mr. Pruitt misrepresented material facts that bore on the Senate committee’s analysis of Mr. Pruitt’s fitness to serve as EPA Administrator,” states the complaint, filed last week by the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity, which works to protect endangered species, and University of Oklahoma law professor Kristen van de Biezenbos.

Emails released as part of the lawsuit include a message from an executive of the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers association to Pruitt’s address, asking him to use his position as the state’s attorney general to help roll back renewable fuel standards set by the Obama administration, according to a statement from the Center for Biological Diversity.

“We have … opened this matter for investigation,” said a letter from the bar to van de Biezenbos dated Tuesday. “After the matter has been fully investigated, your grievance and the response of [Pruitt’s] attorney will be presented to the Professional Responsibility Commission.”

Attorney Amy Atwood from the Center for Biological Diversity said in a statement that she was “very pleased” about the investigation, the Huffington Post reported.

“Lying to Congress is a serious ethical breach, and it doesn’t help that Pruitt’s use of private emails reflect potential collusion with the very oil and gas industry he’s now supposed to be regulating,” she said. “He could face jail time if the allegation is proven true.”

Pruitt has not commented on the investigation nor on the complaint, according to the report.

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