Trump’s Excuse For Not Finding Anyone To Perform At His Inauguration Is Just PATHETIC

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We all know how extravagant and self centered Donald Trump is. Not finding anyone to perform at his inauguration that isn’t a sixteen-year-old America’s Got Talent performer or Ted Nugent has brought out a different response from the Donald.

It was previously said that Sir Elton John would be playing at his inauguration – which we know by now that that was a lie – and so Donald Trump seems to have been forced to back off from what we all know he wanted to be the most stupendous and marvelous inauguration in the history of America. He even went to the extreme of offering ambassadorship to agents if they could find him some A-list talent. How pathetic!

Previous reports had Trump arriving in dramatically by helicopter, that wont be happening. It seems that Donald wont be getting everything he wanted. His response to all this seems so typical of a spoiled child, saying that he never really wanted it to be that great in the first place. Really Donald, really? I don’t think even he believes that.

But there you have it America, Trump never wanted you to come to his party anyway.