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Trump’s Favorite Money Pit, Deutsche Bank, Just Got Raided By Authorities: Report

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Donald Trump, they do. The New York Times reported Thursday that hundreds of police officers raided the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and five other sites in the area early Thursday as part of a massive money-laundering investigation.

The news comes hours after Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a major move against Donald Trump by having cooperating witness Michael Cohen plead guilty to having lied about the timeframe for the ill-fated Trump Tower Moscow project during the 2016 election —and while it’s not yet clear what’s happening, it would be one heck of a coincidence if the two aren’t related.

Deutsche Bank has routinely loaned major sums of money to Donald Trump over the years, even after he became such a poor credit risk that other banks wouldn’t touch him, and even after Deutsche ran into financial troubles of its own.

As noted by The Times, the fraudulent Bank was busted by U.S. and UK authorities in early 2017 for having laundered massive sums of money from Russia into the hands of people in places like New York City. It’s long been widely suspected that Deutsche Bank was using these “loans” to launder Russian money to Trump in New York.

Since Mueller is keeping a tied lid on the investigation, it’s not clear if today’s raid of Deutsche Bank on money laundering charges a part of Robert Mueller’s takedown of Donald Trump. However, Michael Cohen is in a position to have told Mueller all about Trump’s Russian financial ties. It’s also worth noting that incoming House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff made a point of telling reporters this morning that Trump’s Russian money laundering needs to be investigated.


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