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Trump’s Likely Homeland Security Chief Just Accidentally Revealed ‘Extreme’ Plans In Photo

In a tweet from the Topeka Capital-Journal, Kris Kobach, who is currently Kansas’ Secretary of State and Donald Trump’s potential Homeland Security chief, is seen with the President-elect, holding a folder with a set of documents on top, facing the camera revealing the incoming administration’s “STRATEGIC PLAN FOR FIRST 365 DAYS” underneath.

Kobach appears to be loose and careless with sensitive information, but Perhaps the most alarming part of Kobach’s agenda as DHS secretary is the relaunching of the NSEERS system, which the Bush administration put in place to serve as a registry for “high-risk” immigrants.


We rotated the photo 90 degrees and enhanced the image resolution, to where the details of the document are seen. Among Kobach’s top priorities are reintroducing the Bush-era surveillance of Muslims and tracking of immigrants from conflict zones, instituting an outright ban on Syrian refugees to the United States, and language involving the augmentation of the current border wall between the United States and Mexico.


Source: Twitter.

The program mainly targets males between the ages of 16 and 25, and all of the high-risk countries included in the NSEERS strategy were predominantly Muslim, with the exception of one (North Korea).

H/T: U.S.Uncut.

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