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Trump’s Latest Tweet About ‘Comey Tapes’ May Be What Takes Him Down

Donald Trump’s Twitter obsession has caused him to tweet self-incriminating comments many times, but it’s his last tweet about ‘tapes’ may very well end up being the single most damaging tweet he has published.

Forty-two days ago, an enraged Trump fired off a tweet suggesting he may have ‘tapes’ of fired FBI Director James Comey, creating a big cloud of suspicion over his administration.


Trump’s menacing tweet caused Comey to release his notes to a friend who leaked it to the press. That memo is what put in motion the events that eventually led to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump’s involvement with the Russian Government.

In other words, had Trump not published that tweet, there may not have been a special counsel established. Even worse, it took Trump 41 days to put to rest his implication that there were tapes. Trump tweeted this yesterday:


Now that Trump has tweeted that he didn’t tape James Comey, the erratic president is basically admitting that he is guilty of “witness intimidation,” a felony crime.

If this single tweet brings Trump down, it won’t be the fault of Twitter, it will be the fault of a man who has spent his life seeking adoration from others and revenge on those who won’t give it to him.

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