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No One Knows What The Heck Trump’s Maniacal Morning Rant Was About


No One Knows What The Heck Trump’s Maniacal Morning Rant Was About

The internet thinks Donald Trump may be on drugs after he went off on the most insane Twitter rant in the history of Trump tweets, and that’s saying a lot.

No one really knows what the hell the president is talking about Wednesday morning, during a rant that calls out the “#AmazonWashingtonPost” and says they should be paying internet taxes…whatever those are.

Here is the tweet Americans are having a hard time wrapping their heads around this morning:

Really, Donnie? It’s a bit funny that Trump is demanding anyone pay their taxes when he admittedly doesn’t pay his own federal income taxes.

And there is no such thing as internet taxes, and what on God’s green earth is the Amazon Washington Post? It’s not clear if Trump is trying to be clever, or if he is just not mentally well, but there is no telling what he’s trying to communicate right now.

Check out Twitter’s reaction below:






What is your reation to Trump’s dememnted tweet? Let us know your thoughts in the commenst section below.

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