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Trump’s New Press Secretary Is Avoiding The Media Because She Doesn’t Want The Same ‘Fate’ As Sarah Sanders


If you haven’t heard, the White House does have a new press secretary and her name is Stephanie Grisham.

The reason you might not know this is because she has refused to hold a press briefing since taking over for former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But why is that? Why is she hiding from the cameras and the press? It’s her job to inform the American public what is going on in the White House.

Well, according to CNN:

People close to Grisham have said she is now doubtful about fielding questions from reporters on camera, and has weighed holding off camera briefings instead. She has remarked she doesn’t want a fate similar to her predecessor, Sarah Sanders, whose tenure was marked with confrontations with reporters.

Sanders’ mendacious and tumultuous time as press secretary has indeed permanently tarnished her reputation, though she may still thrive on the appreciation she’s earned from stalwart Trump supporters. Perhaps in one of the darkest moments of her career, Robert Mueller revealed in his report that Sanders concocted a completely baseless story she told reporters about FBI agents calling her to thank the president for firing former Director James Comey, the event that triggered the special counsel investigation.

If Grisham wants to avoid the same fate as Sanders, then I would suggest leaving the White House for a better job that doesn’t involve lying for Trump.

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