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Trump’s Plan To Save Himself From Russia Investigation Just Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump decided to fire former FBI director James Comey on Tuesday, his reason being that Comey “was not doing a good job.”

“He was not doing a good job,” Trump said when asked why he fired Comey. “Very simply, he was not doing a good job.”

But Democrats aren’t buying it. According to Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virg.), Comey was invited to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee next Tuesday.

The hearing will be a closed session, meaning it will not be opened to the public, according to a spokesperson for Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.).

If Comey decides to testify he will most likely be facing questions about the Russian probe and the odd timing of his firing.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe will be appearing in front of the same Senate committee on Wednesday.

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