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Trump’s Press Secretary Just Blamed Hillary Clinton On Influencing The Election, Saying She Should Be “Punished”

Donald Trump’s new press secretary, Sean Spicer, was recently interviewed on ABC’s “This Week,” where he talked about the Russian hackings.

Spicer, just like any other person in the Trump team, decided to deny the fact that the Russians actually hacked the DNC in order to help Donald Trump win the election, ffter it has been proven to be true by both the CIA and FBI. Instead, Spicer wanted to turn the tables and blame Hillary Clinton on influencing the election.

He said during the interview, “Why aren’t we talking about the other influences on the election? Why aren’t we talking about Hillary Clinton getting debate questions ahead of time? No one is asking those questions. The fact is that everyone wants to make Donald Trump admit to certain things. When do we talk about the other side, which is what did Hillary Clinton do to influence the election? Is she being punished?”

To compare getting debate questions early to an enemy hacking into the country’s computer system to influence an election is out of proportion. Trump’s team is trying their best to belittle the situation.

John McCain has scheduled a hearing next week on foreign cyber threats that will focus on Russia. But former foreign policy adviser of Trump, Carter Page, is alleged to have sent out a threat to Senator McCain, hoping that he will cancel the hearing.

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