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Trump’s Russia Probe Lawyer Just Broke Federal Law Helping His Re-Election Campaign: Report

Donald Trump’s lawyer defending him in the Russia investigation broke the law when he donated more than the legal amount allowed to the president’s re-election campaign.

According to CNBC, John Dowd donated $3,000 to Trump’s 2020 campaign – which is $300 over the legal limit an individual can donate to any campaign.

Federal law states that the maximum amount an individual may contribute to a political campaign, per election, is $2,700.

Dowd broke that law by donating a total of $3,000 to Trump’s 2020 general election campaign.

CNBC obtained a letter that revealed the Federal Elections Commission put Trump campaign treasurer Bradley Crate on notice after allowing Dowd to donate an illegal amount.

Crate spoke with CNBC and said that Dowd had been given a $300 refund on January 3, but it was sent “a few days too late to be reflected in their fourth-quarter filing to the FEC.”

“These kinds of errors are understandable when made in the midst of a hectic election season by a rookie campaign,” Brendan Fischer, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, told CNBC. “But they become more difficult to understand when made by a second-term presidential candidate 32 months out from his next election.”

“It is even more difficult to understand how the president’s lawyer managed to exceed contribution limits,” Fischer concluded.

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