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Trump’s Scottish Golf Courses Just Lost Millions For The Third Year Running


Trump’s Scottish Golf Courses Just Lost Millions For The Third Year Running

Donald Trump’s Scottish golf courses are on the decline. In fact, they have just lost millions of dollars for the third year running, according to a financial report.

The Associated Press reported, Trump’s two resorts in the highland totaled $23 Million in losses.

Trump’s Scottish golf courses are unlike his Mar-a-Lago resort, which Trump has seen benefits from since becoming president.

According to The Washington Post, in May Trump’s Mar-a-Lago had boosted ticket sales to events held there, which also hiked its membership fees from $150,000 to $200,000 at the beginning of 2017.

“Now that you have all this security, it just creates [the idea], ‘You’re special by being there,’” Jennifer McGrath, from the charity Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper, told The Post.

“Now that it’s the president’s winter home, there’s that great chance that he might pop into your event. And that’s kinda good, too,” she added.

Trump has used his presidency to help his business profit, but that doesn’t seem to be working in Scotland. According to the AP, residents close to Trump’s resort on the North Sea coast have expressed their objections to what has been described as bullying tactics by the company in an attempt to continue development in the area.

Many residents don’t want Trump to build an 18-hole golf course in the North Sea coastal area of Scotland. In fact, protestors have already gathered 94,860 signatures petitioning Trump’s plans.

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