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Trump’s Shutdown Is Compromising National Security, Multiple FBI Agents Warn


Trump’s Shutdown Is Compromising National Security, Multiple FBI Agents Warn

Agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have grown concerned over the Donald Trump’s government shutdown. They released statements on Tuesday documenting the “real consequences of the government shutdown.”

According to a “Voices from the Field” report, the FBI has put its investigations on hold because of Trump’s shutdown.

“On the child exploitation side, as an [undercover employee], I’ve had to put pervs on standby,” one agent from the Southern Region told the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA). “This just puts children in jeopardy.”

Trump’s shutdown may let terrorists roam free due to insufficient funding to the FBI.

An agent working counter-intelligence cases in the Western region said that the “shutdown has eliminated any ability to operate.”

“It’s bad enough to work without pay, but we can only conduct administrative functions,” the agent explained. “The fear is our enemies know they can run freely.”

“The operational impacts of the shutdown are immeasurable,” an agent in the Northeast Region insisted. “We have postponed the indictment of subjects due to the shutdown.”

A counter-terrorism agent also admitted that some grand jury subpoenas have been put on hold due to the non-funding.

“I am already starting to see a negative impact of the shutdown on the pace of our operations and investigations,” the agent said. “Particularly, the United States Attorney’s Office is unable to issue grand jury subpoenas for financial institutions… Most of our counter-terrorism cases have a strong financial angle.”

Other agents also expressed the same concerns.

“I have been advised by our United States Attorney’s Office that because of the shutdown that are no funds allocated to pay for grand jury subpoenas,” the agent pointed out. “This is causing the affected investigation to be put on hold until the shutdown ends.”

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